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If you like learning about the Revolutionary War, I would like to recommend American History magazine to you. I'm sure you'll love it like I do. American History is published by the Weider History Group, along with a group of other history magazines such as Wild West magazine, World War II magazine and Civil War Times magazine.

American History doesn't focus solely on the American Revolution, but generally every issue has several good stories on the Revolution. Each issue has five or six feature articles, as well as a variety of smaller special interest stories. Recent feature articles have included one about the history of Mount Vernon, the home George Washington built on the banks of the Potomac, another about Mercy Otis Warren, who was called "The Conscience of the Revolution," whose fiery poems and plays helped stoke anti-British sentiment in colonial America, another about the restoration of "Montpelier," the home of James and Dolley Madison and yet another about the role of pirates in the American Revolution. Other non-Revolutionary War feature articles have included stories about Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West, the excavations at Jamestown and the history of Yankee Stadium.

There are several special sections in each issue of American History as well. There is a section called "Publick Occurrences" that relates current events that have a connection to American history. For example, one recent article in this section covered the moving and renovation of a house built and owned by Alexander Hamilton in New York City. Another article discussed the recent renovation of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History and the new home of the American flag that was hanging over Fort McHenry in Baltimore Harbor during the War of 1812. This is the flag that Francis Scott Key was watching as he penned the Star Spangled Banner from a British ship on which he was held captive. Other articles have covered the finding of the HMS Ontario, a British warship sunk during the Revolution, the scientific analysis of some guns owned by James Madison and James Monroe that were allegedly made from an Argentinian meteorite and the finding of several World War II MIA's whose airplanes crashed in the Himalayas.

Another American History magazine section is called "Dialogue." In this section, the author of a recent American History book is interviewed and asked questions about his or her book.

The "Deconstructed" section of American History magazine takes a closer look at a famous American historical event, person or landmark. Recent articles in this section have included an interesting look at Charles Willson Peale, known as the "Artist of the Revolution," who made famous portraits of many Revolutionary War figures and another article featuring an in depth look at the history and construction of New York's Brooklyn Bridge.

Other sections of American History magazine include "Precedents," which looks at historical trends that reflect on current issues, "Bloodlines," which looks at the descendants of American historical figures and "Challenge," which is a fun set of questions and answers about American historical events.

In addition, there are lots of reviews of current books, movies and TV shows about American history, as well as Letters to the Editor and advertisements for related things, such as travel information to Revolutionary War Sites, American historical figurines and artifacts, etc.

If you would like to receive your own subscription to American History magazine, there is good news! American History magazine is a bi-monthly magazine and it only costs $40.00 for a one year subscription if you order it here through our partner Believe me, this is a great magazine and worth every penny!

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By clicking to order below, you will go to the order form for American History magazine. Feel free to browse around's other magazines while you're there, too. If you decide to purchase any magazine from, a small portion of your order will be given back to Revolutionary War and Beyond for the upkeep of this site.

American History Magazine

American History magazine is jam-packed with the people, the places and the events that define the American experience. This unique magazine makes history meaningful to modern American society and relevant to current events, trends and the future through narratives and essays from the nation's leading historians, writers and thinkers. Every issue of American History magazine delivers an entertaining, thought-provoking look at America's most intriguing figures and happenings. Take a moonwalk with Neil Armstrong. Get eyewitness accounts surrounding the events of JFK's assassination. Ride along with Pancho Villa. Scheme with Bonnie and Clyde. Expand your mind. Experience old events in a new light. Pick the brains of America's most fascinating individuals. American History magazine brings you our nation's past, present and future!

$40.00 - bimonthly - 6 issues

In addition to American History magazine, the Wieder History Group publishes several other history magazines, which you can learn more about below and even place an order here through our partner

History Channel Magazine

You'll find the History Channel Magazine to be one of the most in-depth, information-rich magazines on the market today. Each issue taps into the vast archives of The History Channel - loaded with the best historical photos and stories imaginable! This beautiful, full-color magazine is not sold on newsstands - it is only available by subscription. With your paid subscription to the History Channel Magazine, you will also receive a free membership in the History Channel Club - including special offers and promotions exclusively for club members!

$12.00 - 1 Year - 6 issues - Cover price $23.70 - You save 49%!

Archaeology Magazine

Archaeology Magazine is one of two publications of the Archaeological Institute of America, a 125-year-old nonprofit organization. The magazine has been published continuously for more than 50 years. Archaeology's feature-length articles cover all corners of the globe. Articles have covered such diverse topics as royal animal mummies, the discovery of an ancient Greek city swallowed by the sea, cultural heritage in Afghanistan under the Taliban, how Native Americans in the Southwest profited from an eleventh-century volcanic eruption, objects featured in the odd paintings of Hieronymous Bosch that have been found in excavations of his hometown; as well as photo essays on Etruscan tombs and the terra-cotta solders of China; and profiles of people who have made great contributions to archaeology. Publishing bimonthly, it brings to readers all of the exciting aspects of archaeology: adventure, discovery, culture, history, and travel.

$21.95 - bi-monthly - 6 issues - Cover price $29.94 - You save 27%!

National Geographic

National Geographic magazine is your source for information about the world and its people, dealing with the changing universe and man's involvement in it. Each issue brings you articles by some of today's best journalists, beautiful photographs from around the world by award-winning photographers, plus interesting full-color maps of various regions. National Geographic Magazine brings readers closer to the fascinating people, places, animals, and environments most people rarely get to visit or experience.

$39.00 - 1 Year - 12 issues - Cover price $71.88 - You save 46%!

Cobblestone - American history for kids

Cobblestone magazine is the award-winning American history magazine for kids ages 9-14 (grades 4-8). Future historians will enjoy reading about the Navy in the Civil War, Tenement Life, Voting Rights in America and much more. This American history magazine for kids has a cover much like a soft cover book, providing durability that allows each issue to be enjoyed for years to come.

$28.95 - 1 Year - 9 issues - Cover price $33.95 - You save $5.00!

Calliope - World history for kids

Calliope is the perfect 'passport to world history' magazine. Specially written for kids ages 9-14 (grades 4-8), Calliope goes beyond the 'facts' to explore the deeper meanings of world events. Kids will learn about the people and events that shaped world history - Napoleon, the Tang Dynasty, the Scientific Revolution, and more. This magazine has a cover much like a soft cover book, providing durability that allows each issue to be enjoyed for years to come.

$28.95 - 1 Year - 9 issues - Cover price $33.95 - You save $5.00!

Natural History

Natural History magazine takes a broad look at ecosystems, animals, and human society, delving into the past and scanning the future of the environment, geography, and geology. Written so that young and old, educated professional and layperson alike can understand the intricacies of the natural world, the magazine explores all types of life on our planet--past and present--and studies how human beings affect animals and one another.

$40.00 - 1 Year - 6 issues

Civil War Times

Civil War Times delivers the complete story of America's greatest internal conflict-with all its action, emotion, drama and modern-day significance. Leading historians and authors take readers on an exciting journey into the experiences of real people who lived the history, from the greatest commanders and politicians to the common soldiers and their families at home.

$40.00 - bimonthly - 6 issues

America's Civil War

America's Civil War is the premier publication for history enthusiasts and students of the Civil War, offering comprehensive and authoritative insights and analysis of the American Civil War, and focusing on little-known facts and on military strategy, leadership and battles.

$40.00 - bimonthly - 6 issues

Military History

Military History magazine brings the thrills and drama of classic land, sea, and air battles throughout history to readers in vivid color and insightful commentary in every issue. Each issue provides compelling, incisive accounts from top writers and historians of all kinds of warfare, illustrated with the world's finest artwork, photography and battle maps.

$40.00 - bimonthly - 6 issues

Published 1/21/12

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