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Get Rid of the Anti-American United Nations
September 24, 2009

This week, dictators from around the world convened in New York City at the United Nations to spew their usual anti-American rhetoric, blaming all the worlds problems on the United States and virtually calling for its overthrow. It's way past time to kick this organization out of the US, or at least to stop taking it so seriously! Read this editorial from The Minuteman, the editor of this site, and read the comments of some of our readers at the bottom of the page. You can add your own thoughts or comments on the Anti-American United Nations if you want to!

Get Rid of the Anti-American United Nations

The idea of the United Nations is good in theory - get all the world's nations together and let them talk out their differences and learn to work together without fighting! But it is also incredibly naive and simple minded to believe that such a thing is possible. It denies human nature. Why? Because all the players are not seeking the same things. The US and its democratic allies are seeking peace, prosperity and the benefit of all. But many member nations at the UN are absolutely NOT seeking these things. Many are ruled by tyrannical dictators who are not servants of their people. They are in it only for themselves. It is to their advantage to stoke conflict and keep their people in poverty. That's how they legitimize their authority in their people's minds. You need ME to protect you from those evil Americans who are coming to get you, and steal from you and suck the blood of your children.

Places like Libya, Iran and Venezuela send their tyrants to the UN every year and they call America the devil and say that we are taking all their stuff and we're too imperialistic. Of course, we haven't taken anyone's land since any time that anyone alive can remember. Not only do we have to host these murderers in our own country. We have to PAY for their security. New York City police and federal officers protect these tyrants every year they come here from all the protestors who immigrated here from their home countries. And of course, they LEFT their countries because of those dictators.

Its time to get rid of the United Nations. Its committees are chaired by murderers. It hates the United States. And the United States pays more than any other nation to fund its ridiculous failed programs! No American President or Congress should take this organization seriously any more. At the most, we should stay involved figuratively only. And we should stay involved figuratively at a distance. Kick it out, stop paying for it and stop coddling dictators!

The Minuteman

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The UN should shape up or get out 
Either kick them out or re-staff the committees with people from countries who actually protect human rights.

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