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For books about other Founding Fathers, go to Founding Fathers books and gifts Page 2

The Founding Fathers store has whatever you're looking for in Founding Fathers books. Whether it is a John Hancock biography, John Paul Jones biography, Paul Revere biography, Samuel Adams biography, Thomas Paine biography and more -- whatever -- it's all here. Some books in this selection do not have an image available, but you can still click on the listing for a description.

Some of the more unique products include:

  • John Hancock books
  • Paul Revere books
  • Thomas Paine books
  • Samuel Adams books
  • John Paul Jones books
  • Aaron Burr books
  • Button Gwinnett books
  • Crispus Attucks books
  • Elbridge Gerry books
  • George Read books
  • James Forten books
  • John Witherspoon books
  • Josiah Bartlett books
  • Nathan Hale books
  • John Andre books
  • William Dawes books
  • Robert Treat Paine books
  • Roger Sherman books
  • James Otis books
  • Thomas Hutchinson books
  • Samuel Chase books
  • Samuel Huntington books
  • Thomas McKean books
  • Thomas Stone books
  • Timothy Murphy books
  • William Floyd books
  • William Williams books
  • Mercy Otis Warren books
  • Joseph Warren books
  • John Rutledge books
  • Edward Rutledge books
  • Peyton Randolph books
  • Arthur Middleton books
  • William Paca books
  • Charles Carroll of Carrollton books
  • Robert Morris books
  • Haym Salomon books
  • Charles Thomson books
  • Benjamin Rush books
  • Robert Livingston books
  • Oliver Ellsworth books
  • John Jay books
  • William Cushing books
  • John Marshall books
  • Luther Martin books
  • John Lansing, Jr. books
  • William Richardson Davie books
  • James Madison books
  • Alexander Martin books
  • Edmund Randolph books

For books about other Founding Fathers, go to Founding Fathers books and gifts Page 2.

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