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John Hancock's personal library

John Hancock by John Singleton Copley

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John Hancock

This is a list of John Hancock's personal library upon his death. Hancock was a strong supporter of education. He donated over 1,000 books to Harvard's library and endowed a professorship of languages and Hebrew there. As governor, Hancock supported legislation requiring all towns with more than 200 people to provide a teacher of Latin and Greek for their students and towns with less than that to have a teacher proficient in English. Hancock could afford the best books money could by and his library is larger than the typical home library of the day.

John Hancock's Personal Library

  • Postlethwaite's Dictionary of Trade and Commerce; 2 vols., folio
  • Dart's History and Antiquities of the Abbey Church of St. Peter's; 2 vols., folio
  • Chamber's Dictionary: 2 vols., folio
  • Willard's Divinity; folio
  • Flavel's Works; folio
  • Bacon's Philosophy
  • Hollis's Memoirs; quarto
  • Prussian Evolutions
  • Carter's Epictetus
  • Newton's Milton; 3 vols.
  • Role's Conduct
  • Universal History; 51 vols.
  • Memoirs of Marlborough
  • Magdalen Charities
  • Hanway's Reflections on Life and Religion
  • Varro's Husbandry
  • Locke on the Understanding
  • Beccaria on Crimes
  • Annals of the Netherlands
  • Constitution of the United States
  • Zimmerman on Pride
  • Dickinson's Political Essays
  • Cato's Letters; 4 vols
  • Field's Engineer
  • Adams's Defence of the Constitution; 3 vols.
  • Ramsay's History of the United States
  • Belknap's New Hampshire
  • Erkhard's Gazetteer, or the Newsman's interpreter
  • Nature Displayed, or Spectacle de la Nature; 7 vols.
  • Salmon's Short View
  • Clarendon's Rebellion
  • British Registers
  • Whitelock's Historical Memoirs
  • Age of Louis XIV
  • British Customs
  • England's Reformation
  • Horneck's Great Law of Consideration
  • Hervey's Meditations
  • Chauncy's Thoughts on Religion
  • Virgil
  • Horace and Tully
  • Estimate of Manners
  • Greek Homer
  • Caesar and Juvenal
  • Tattler and Guardian
  • Shakespeare and Spectator
  • Female Spectator
  • Pamela
  • Mahew's Sermons
  • Sir Charles Grandison
  • Faith and Practice; 2 vols
  • Collin's Rambler
  • Gay
  • Tom Jones
  • Pope
  • Dryden
  • Glover's Leonidas
  • Robertson's Scotland
  • Military Instructor
  • Essay on Slavery
  • Journal of Congress
  • Emily Montague
  • Bibles in various languages
  • Whole Duty of Man
  • Archbishop Sharpe's Sermons and Discourses; 7 vols.
  • Watts's Works
  • Massachusetts Constitution
  • Adam's Defence, in Dutch
  • Ladies Library; 3 vols.
  • Irwin's Tracts
  • Boyer's French Dictionary
  • Sim's Military Guide
  • Historical Dictionary
  • Hewett's Fables
  • Memoirs of the Plague in London
  • Mathematical works in French, Latin, Greek, and Dutch

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