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Rachel Revere letter to Paul Revere - 1775

Rachel Revere, wife of Paul Revere, gave this letter to Dr. Benjamin Church to deliver to her husband after he left Boston on his journey to Lexington and Concord. She believed it was unsafe for him to return to town and she wanted to warn him about his safety. Dr. Church was later revealed as a traitor. He had been an intimate member of the patriots' secret organizations and was highly trusted by them. In reality, he was also in the confidence of British General Thomas Gage all along and was secretly sharing all of the patriots' efforts and plans with him. On this occasion, Dr. Church gave Rachel Revere's letter directly to General Gage. No harm came to Paul Revere though. He was already safely outside the city and General Gage had larger issues to worry about.

The exact date of the letter is unknown because it is not dated, but it would have been sent shortly after Paul Revere's midnight ride of April 18, 1775. Rachel included 125 pounds with the letter, but it is not known where the money ended up. Maybe Dr. Church pocketed it! You can read the text and view the letter below.

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  • Paul Revere
    Paul Revere

    Rachel Revere letter to Paul Revere - 1798

    Rachel Revere letter to Paul Revere
    Rachel Revere letter to Paul Revere
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    Text of Rachel Revere letter to Paul Revere

    "My Dear, by Doctor Church I send a hundred & twenty-five pounds & beg you will take the best care of yourself and not attempt coming into this towne again & if I have an opportunity of coming or sending out anything or any of the Children I shall do it. Pray keep up your spirits & trust your self & us in the hands of a good God who will take care of us. Tis all my Dependence, for vain is the help of man. Aduie my Love from your affectionate R. Revere."

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