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The Diverse Cast of Freedom by Eliot Pattison

The miracle of the founding of the United States wasn’t that of heroic military victories, it was the unprecedented victory—unique in prior human history--

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Alright was she or wasn't she?

Was it North American friendlies which killed her? First Nations of North America killed her? Bloody British which killed her on A.D. July 27, 1777? Miss

Continue reading "Alright was she or wasn't she?"

The Old Barracks, Trenton, New Jersey

Hi I'm Nick the History Kid. I'm a young Patriot who loves history and I recently visited the Old Barracks in Trenton New Jersey. I travel all over New

Continue reading "The Old Barracks, Trenton, New Jersey"

4th amendment

why was the 4th amendment included into the bill of rights?

Continue reading "4th amendment"

hessian soldiers

how many hessian soldiers were hired to fight in the revolutionary war?

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