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American Beginnings, Issue #001 -- Samuel Adams, Quote of the Week, American History Book Club
March 26, 2012

The Newsletter about America's Founding
by Revolutionary War and Beyond

Let us aspire to the greatness our Founding Fathers imagined for us.

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Issue #1 - March 26, 2012

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Thanks for looking at the first issue of our new newsletter "American Beginnings!" As of now, we are planning a bi-weekly email newsletter with new and interesting information about the people and events that shaped America's founding period.

We will feature interesting facts about the Founding Fathers, their beliefs and how they created this great nation. We will feature the latest articles from our website, famous quotes from the Founders, a "Question of the Week," which you can answer on Facebook or Twitter, great patriotic books and gifts available from our webstore, our "American History Book Club" section, where you can read along with us as we read books about the Founding and more.

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Quote of the Week

"Ingratitude has been experienced in all ages, and republics in particular have ever been famed for the exercise of that unnatural and sordid vice." - George Washington in a letter to Major General Israel Putnam, June 2, 1783

George Washington
Questions about the quote...

Why would George Washington describe ingratitude as an "unnatural and sordid vice?"

What is it about ingratitude that is so detestable to him?

Why would republics be prone to producing people with an attitude of ingratitude?

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American History Facts

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams was one of the leading voices early on to challenge Parliament's taxation schemes and to call for a complete separation from Great Britain. His oratorical skills made him known throughout the colonies. He served in the Continental Congress and later became Governor of Massachusetts.
  • Did you know Samuel Adams was fired by future delegate to the Continental Congress Thomas Cushing because he wasn't any good at business?
  • Did you know that Samuel Adams is sometimes called "The Father of the American Revolution?"
  • Did you know that Samuel Adams had six children, but only two survived to adulthood?
  • Did you know Samuel Adams was the second cousin of President John Adams?
  • Did you know Samuel Adams was one of only two siblings out of 12 that survived past the age of 3?

Read more interesting Samuel Adams Facts here!

Question of the Week

* * *

What right does the 2nd Amendment
to the US Constitution protect?

* * *

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American History Book Club!

Paul Revere's Ride by David FischerPaul Revere's Ride by David Fischer

You are invited to read along with Revolutionary War and Beyond's new American History Book Club. This is a new endeavor that we are really excited about and we think many of our visitors will be excited to join with us in learning about the events and people that shaped the United States of America in its infancy.

The way this will work is that we will announce the next several books to be read here, on our website and our Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can then purchase the books from Amazon or your local bookstore. There will be a page on our website where we will post a chapter by chapter review of each book, along with our own comments and discussion questions for you to look at. We will not be following a particular schedule as we read, as with a "read this on this day and read that on that day" approach. Instead, we will be reading right along WITH you, so our posts will be put up as we read! It will take as long as it takes to read through each book!

You can read the posts as a guide and read the book along with us. Then we invite you to post your own comments and questions about the readings on our site using the Facebook comments at the bottom of the page. You could post about what you learned from the chapter or how a particular reading affected you personally, for example. These comments will appear on our website and on your own Facebook page as well.

We will have our official kick off with the release of our April 16th newsletter. So you have a few weeks to get your books! Of course you can always follow our outlines and read them any time!

The first two books we are going to read are Paul Revere's Ride by David Hackett Fischer and Battlefields And Blessings by Jane Hampton Cook. After this, we will be reading Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. We have put links to each of these books here so you can buy them from Amazon if you wish.

Paul Revere's Ride

Paul Revere's Ride by David Hackett Fischer is probably the most well known and thorough account of the life of this popular figure from the American Revolution. The book describes the forces at work in the years prior to the Revolution and tells about Revere's personal life and how he got involved in the Revolutionary cause. It describes the events of April 18, 1775 and the war that began at Lexington and Concord and Paul Revere's role in it. This will be an enjoyable read and will teach you not just about Paul Revere's life, but also about the circumstances and political winds leading up to the Revolution. You can order Paul Revere's Ride here.

* * *

Battlesfields and Blessings

Battlefields and Blessings by Jane Hampton Cook is a devotional that follows the Revolutionary period chronologically and focuses on the spiritual roots of the Founding Fathers. Ms. Cook was the official webmaster for President George W. Bush and designed his government websites when he was Governor of Texas and as President, including his and websites.

The book looks at the events of the times through the eyes of many of the key players, including George Washington, King George III, Samuel Adams, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Abigail Adams, Martha Washington, Benjamin Franklin and others. Excerpts of their own writings, diaries and letters are interspersed with historical subjects to show how they viewed the events they were living through and how those events affected their lives personally.

This book is set up as a daily devotional to be read over the course of a year. Each day's reading is quite short and we will be reading through it more quickly than a year! You can order Battlefields And Blessings here.

* * *

After the first two books, we will be reading Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.

Watch for our New Book!

Understand Your Rights by Revolutionary War and Beyond

Be sure to watch for our new book, "Understand Your Rights... Because You're About to Lose Them," in the weeks ahead. The book focuses on our eroding rights and what Americans can do about it. It teaches the basics of the Bill of Rights - the foundation of individual rights in America. If you don't understand politics and want to learn about the Founders intent for American government, this is the book for you.

It will be coming out as an ebook some time in the month of April. Shortly after that it will be available in print from Amazon. We will inform you in our next newsletter on how you can get your own copy. You can also watch for updates on our website.

Opus Americana

Opus Americana

Opus Americana is an heirloom quality book about the Founding of the United States created by former US Marine Michael Niemis. Michael created Opus Americana out of concern that knowledge of American history was beginning to deteriorate. After an extensive study, he created this book about all things historical regarding the Founding Fathers, founding documents and pivotal moments of the American Revolution, including the Boston Massacre, Paul Revere's Ride, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, the National Anthem, the Washington Monument and dozens of others.

This unique literary masterpiece comes with Full Grain Genuine Leather, Gold Gilded Page Edges, Marbled Paper End Leaves, 100% Acid Free Vellum Finish Archival Paper, Smyth Sewn Binding with Nylon Headbands and other features of the highest quality.

If you order today using the secret code, you will receive 10% off the retail price. You can learn more at our Opus Americana page.

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Thanks for reading American Beginnings with Revolutionary War and Beyond.

Until next time...

The Minuteman

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