Debate on the Constitution

As soon as the Constitutional Convention was concluded in September 1787, the great debate began.  As we study a collection of the Federalist and Anti-Federalist letters, we will get a clearer picture of the intent of our Founding Fathers. 

What you'll find as you go is that the "Federalist Papers" are numbered - there are 85 essays in that grouping.  There is no set collection of "Anti-Federalist" essays. 

Note to readers.  We have run into a few hitches with the way we started out studying the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers.  After much thought, we've decided to switch horses just as we're stepping into the stream.  We have gotten permission from Dr. Shannon Brooks of Monticello College, to use their study guide.  It's a wonderful guide and we'll continue to post five readings a week.

This Guide is sectioned in topics instead of dates.  There are 165 readings so we'll finish up in 33 weeks. 

We have sectioned these writings for easy studying.  They are set up for you to read one document a day - five days a week.  In less than a year, you'll have read through all of these Federalist and Anti-Federalist documents.

Here's a Wiki page that lists the pseudonyms used in the debate. 

Week 4 -Conflicts Between the States Cont.

Week 3 - Conflicts Between the States

Week 2 - General Topics Cont.

Week 1 - General Topics

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