Benjamin Franklin Crossword Puzzle

Benjamin Franklin Crossword Puzzle

This crossword was created by Revolutionary War and Beyond with EclipseCrossword -

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  1. Location of the only home Franklin lived in that is still standing
  2. Newspaper owned by Ben Franklin
  3. Franklin wrote an article about this famous pirate at the age of 12 years
  4. Franklin's wife
  5. Franklin is an inductee to this international Hall of Fame
  6. Famous Franklin quote: "We must all ____ together, or assuredly we shall all ____ separately."
  7. Franklin started this organization to promote learning in the sciences
  8. Franklin was shocked severely trying to electrocute this
  9. Famous relatives' family on his mother's side
  10. America's first political cartoon published by Franklin
  11. Franklin's design that appeared on the first US coin
  12. Franklin's burial place in Philadelphia
  13. Franklin received this famous medal for his electrical studies
  14. Franklin was one of three American commissioners to sign this document that ended the American Revolution
  15. Almanack printed by Ben Franklin
  16. Franklin was the oldest person to sign the Declaration of Independence at this age


  1. Number of children in Ben Franklin's family growing up
  2. Franklin's son William was the Royal Governor of this colony
  3. Franklin created this musical instrument
  4. Game played by Franklin that is equivalent to Sudoku
  5. Franklin was inducted into this prestigious society for his electrical studies
  6. Franklin made his fortune in this profession
  7. Franklin invented this item as a result of his studies in electricity
  8. Franklin's book of financial wisdom
  9. Group that wrote the Declaration of Independence in which Franklin served
  10. Franklin's author pseudonym for his Almanack
  11. Pen name for Franklin's articles as a 15 year old boy
  12. Franklin was President of an organization advocating the abolition of this
  13. Franklin's famous evangelist friend during the First Great Awakening
  14. Franklin's brother's newspaper where he worked as a boy

This crossword puzzle was created by Revolutionary War and Beyond with EclipseCrossword. Try it today—it's free!

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