Declaration of Independence -
List of locations it was stored

The Declaration of Independence has been stored in many places over the years. For its first few years of existence, it was quickly gathered up by the Continental Congress as they fled from town to town to escape the British army. The Declaration probably received some pretty rough treatment in those days. In later years it was stored in the offices of different government agencies. Today the original of this important document is held by the National Archives in Washington D.C.

  • Philadelphia: August-December 1776
  • Baltimore: December 1776-March 1777
  • Philadelphia: March-September 1777
  • Lancaster, PA: September 27, 1777
  • York, PA: September 30, 1777-June 1778
  • Philadelphia: July 1778-June 1783
  • Princeton, NJ: June-November 1783
  • Annapolis, MD: November 1783-October 1784
  • Trenton, NJ: November-December 1784
  • New York: 1785-1790
  • Philadelphia: 1790-1800
  • Washington, DC (three locations): 1800-1814
  • Leesburg, VA: August-September 1814
  • Washington, DC (three locations): 1814-1841
  • Washington, DC (Patent Office Building): 1841-1876
  • Philadelphia: May-November 1876
  • Washington, DC (State, War, and Navy Building): 1877-1921
  • Washington, DC (Library of Congress): 1921-1941
  • Fort Knox*: 1941-1944
  • Washington, DC (Library of Congress): 1944-1952
  • Washington, DC (National Archives): 1952-present

*Except that the document was displayed on April 13, 1943, at the dedication of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC.

You can learn more about the Declaration of Independence here.

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