James Madison Crossword Puzzle

James Madison Crossword Puzzle

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89        10               
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1819  20     
  21                22             


  1. State admitted to the union during Madison's presidency
  2. Madison's plantation grew this crop
  3. Vice President during Madison's first term as President
  4. Madison signed this document as President to end the War of 1812
  5. Madison was the principal author of these amendments to the US Constitution
  6. Series of articles written by Madison and others to promote understanding of the US Constitution
  7. Madison's half first cousin, twice removed
  8. Madison discouraged the use of these as requirements to hold public office
  9. Madison had one of these for a pet
  10. Vice President during Madison's second term as President
  11. Madison's relation to Zachary Taylor, 12th President
  12. Madison's occupation
  13. Nickname of Madison's wife
  14. Madison was Secretary of State under this President
  15. Madison's Virginia birthplace
  16. Madison attended this college, now called Princeton


  1. This person introduced James Madison to his future wife
  2. Madison was the first person to wear these while in office as President
  3. Madison is known as the Father of this document
  4. Number of amendments to the Constitution proposed by Madison
  5. Home of James Madison
  6. Madison's likeness was on this denomination of US currency
  7. Document written by Madison that became the basis of the US Constitution
  8. New England states met here to discuss seceding from the union during Madison's presidency as a result of the War of 1812
  9. Madison worked to settle freed slaves here
  10. Madison's height
  11. Madison's home is near this Virginia town
  12. Madison quote: "All men having power ought to be ____ to a certain degree."
  13. Madison suffered from this disease
  14. Pet nickname used for Madison by his friends

This crossword puzzle was created by Revolutionary War and Beyond with EclipseCrossword. Try it today—it's free!

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