Job Joy Homestead

Cranston, Rhode Island

Built sometime around 1774, the Job Joy family watched from their farm as the Allied French Forces of General Comte Rochambeau made the march from Providence to Waterman Tavern in Coventry, along old Scituate Avenue on June 18-19-20-21, 1781.

Lately there are new signs proclaiming the Joy Homestead as an historic site along the Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route, which is a 600 mile National Park Heritage Trail following the route the French took on their way to Yorktown, Virginia to defeat the British under the command of General Cornwallis.

In 2010 the City of Cranston declared June 18th as "March to Victory Day" in Cranston.

The Joy Homestead is a museum of the Cranston Historical Society and is located at 156 Scituate Avenue, Cranston, Rhode Island. You can take tours by appointment.


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