John Hancock Crossword Puzzle

John Hancock Crossword Puzzle

This crossword was created by Revolutionary War and Beyond with EclipseCrossword -

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  1. Hancock led a delegation of citizens which negotiated with the Royal Governor to help restore the peace after this event
  2. John Hancock was born in this Massachusetts town
  3. John Hancock attended this prestigious school in Boston
  4. Other than the secretary, Hancock's signature was the only one on the first copy of this document
  5. The business that John inherited from his uncle
  6. John Hancock's ship Liberty was confiscated by the British because he was allegedly doing this
  7. If John Hancock had not been adopted by his wealthy uncle, he likely would have become one of these
  8. Hancock became one of the wealthiest men in the colonies at this age
  9. Before marrying Hancock, Dorothy had a crush on this person
  10. Hancock attended this college
  11. General Thomas Gage offered this to all citizens of Massachusetts who would lay down their arms EXCEPT for Hancock and Samuel Adams
  12. The name of Hancock's luxurious home
  13. The location of John's only trip away from America
  14. Hancock's mansion was here
  15. Hancock is known for his large one of these


  1. Hancock was criticized for his role in the failure of this mission
  2. In 1774, Hancock was elected President of this body
  3. John Hancock issued the first proclamation in the colonies that did not mention this person
  4. Number of times Hancock was elected Governor of Massachusetts
  5. John Hancock was a lifelong member of this Congregationalist Church
  6. Hancock and Samuel Adams were staying in this Reverend's home on the eve before the Battle of Lexington
  7. Hancock's nickname
  8. Hancock suffered from this joint disease for most of his life
  9. John Hancock signed this person's commission
  10. John Hancock's wife
  11. Hancock's wife and aunt lived in this Connecticut town during the occupation of Boston
  12. Hancock first got involved in resistance against the British as a result of this
  13. Hancock was the first one of these in the state of Massachusetts
  14. Hancock's wealthy aunt who raised him and lived with him for the rest of her life
  15. Hancock's father died when John was this age

This crossword puzzle was created by Revolutionary War and Beyond with EclipseCrossword. Try it today—it's free!

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