Joseph Hewes Crossword Puzzle

Joseph Hewes Crossword Puzzle

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  1. Hewes appointed this man to his post who became the most celebrated naval hero of the Revolutionary War (13)
  2. First town in North Carolina to which Joseph Hewes relocated (10)
  3. Hewes established a prosperous business in this field (8)
  4. Hewes was said to have laid the foundation for this important institution (12)
  5. Hewes' religious background (6)
  6. Two American naval vessels were named this in honor of Mr. Hewes (14)
  7. Hewes' mother's name (10)
  8. Joseph Hewes passed away while serving in Congress at this young age (9)
  9. The current name for the birth town of Joseph Hewes (9)
  10. Hewes was the first signer of this document to pass away (25)
  11. Hewes presented this document to Congress which called for the North Carolina delegates to vote for independence if the other colonies chose to do so (15)


  1. Original name of Hewes' alma mater, now called Princeton (18)
  2. Hewes funderal and burial were held at this church in Philadelphia (12)
  3. Woman Hewes was about to marry who died shortly before their planned wedding (16)
  4. Estate where Joseph Hewes was born (11)
  5. Hewes became the head of this important committee while in Congress (14)
  6. A monument to the three signers of the Declaration from Georgia is erected on the grounds of this Revolutionary War battle (18)
  7. Colony from which Hewes' parents fled religious persecution and Indian attacks (11)
  8. North Carolina town Joseph Hewes eventually settled in and remained in for the rest of his life (7)
  9. Joseph Hewes clashed with this leader in the Congress over the appointment of naval captains (9)

This crossword puzzle was created by Revolutionary War and Beyond with EclipseCrossword. Try it today—it's free!

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