William Hooper Crossword

William Hooper Crossword

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1    234
  5            6
  16  17   
    2526    27           


  1. Number of children in William Hooper's family when growing up. (4)
  2. While in Congress, William Hooper penned an address to the assembly of this British colony. (7)
  3. This brother of William Hooper's wife became a Brigadier General and helped Mrs. Hooper and her children when they fled from the British. (11)
  4. William Hooper is now buried at this famous Revolutionary War battleground. (18)
  5. William Hooper moved to this North Carolina town after qualifying for the bar. (10)
  6. William Hooper's father was from this country. (8)
  7. William Hooper helped put down this groups' rebellion against the Royal government. (10)
  8. In Congress, William Hooper served on the Marine committee, which was charged with building this branch of the Continental Army. (4)
  9. Two of William Hooper's brothers were accused of this during the Revolutionary War. (14)
  10. William Hooper was appointed Attorney General by this Royal Governor. (12)
  11. William Hooper studied law under this famous revolutionary. (9)
  12. William Hooper died at this young age. (10)
  13. William Hooper married her. (9)
  14. William Hooper lived in this area of North Carolina. (8)
  15. William Hooper earned this title because he was the first to predict that the American colonies would totally break away from Great Britain. (21)


  1. William Hooper had this church background. (12)
  2. William Hooper wrote a successful series of essays, which are now lost, under this signature. (7)
  3. Name of William Hooper's lavish home on Masonboro Sound. (6)
  4. William Hooper was close friends with this future Supreme Court justice. (12)
  5. William Hooper was not present to vote for independence, but he did do this to the Declaration of Independence. (4)
  6. After the Revolutionary War and due to destruction of their homes, William Hooper and his wife bought a new home, which is still standing, in this town. (9)
  7. Hooper led the opposition against the Royal government's policies that stopped this entire branch of government from functioning in North Carolina for more than a year. (11)
  8. John Adams gave William Hooper, Patrick Henry and Richard Henry Lee this title. (17)
  9. Number of William Hooper's suviving children. (5)
  10. William Hooper earned a Masters degree in this subject. (8)
  11. William Hooper became this when the British invaded North Carolina. (8)
  12. Hooper was present at this battle, sometimes called the first battle of the Revolutionary War. (8)
  13. William Hooper was born here. (6)
  14. William Hooper studied at this university. (7)
  15. William Hooper's father was of this political persuasion. (4)

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