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Revolutionary War and Beyond Questions

  • How many children did George Washington have?
  • Did Benjamin Franklin ever reconcile with his son?
  • Why is Button Gwinnett's signature worth so much money?
  • Why were 2 of the original 12 amendments NOT ratified and included in the Bill of Rights?
  • When was George Washington born?
  • Who wrote the First Amendment?
  • What is Eminent Domain?
  • What are the effects of the Sixth and Seventh Amendments?
  • When did Benjamin Franklin travel to London from Philadelphia?
  • When was John Penn born?
  • Why do state and federal governments share powers?
  • Did Paul Revere warn the British?
  • Did Banastre Tarleton surrender with Cornwallis at Yorktown?  If not, what happened to him after he rejoined Cornwallis after his defeat at the Battle of Cowpens?
  • Other than Thomas Jefferson, who is the only other signer of the Declaration of Independence who became President of the United States?
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