Samuel Adams Crossword Puzzle

Samuel Adams Crossword Puzzle

This crossword was created by Revolutionary War and Beyond with EclipseCrossword -

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  1. Nickname of Samuel Adams
  2. Adams is known as the Father of this
  3. Famous speech delivered by Sam Adams in 1776
  4. Samuel Adams formed the first committee of ___ to communicate with other colonies
  5. Adams was a member of this Christian denomination
  6. Adams was a founder of this patriotic group
  7. Adams failed at this business
  8. Samuel Adams' famous second cousin
  9. Samuel Adams was the second governor of this state
  10. Adams was the first to propose this gathering
  11. Samuel Adams gave a secret signal during a speech that started this pre-Revolution protest


  1. Samuel Adams' first wife
  2. Adams was once fired by this future signer of the Declaration of Independence
  3. Adams' response to this British act made him known throughout the colonies
  4. Samuel Adams attended this college
  5. Sam Adams junior took up this profession
  6. Sam Adams had this number of siblings
  7. Adams suffered from this disease in old age
  8. Prestigious school attended by Sam Adams
  9. A statue of Sam Adams stands in front of this Boston meeting place
  10. Sam Adams opposed the US Constitution until this was added to it
  11. Sam Adams quote during the harsh winter of 1776: "Better ____ will soon arrive."
  12. Adams served as Lieutenant Governor under this Governor of Massachusetts

This crossword puzzle was created by Revolutionary War and Beyond with EclipseCrossword. Try it today—it's free!

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