Stamp Act Crossword Puzzle

Stamp Act Crossword Puzzle

This crossword was created by Revolutionary War and Beyond with EclipseCrossword -

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  1. This industry was particular hard hit by the Stamp tax and led the opposition
  2. Author of the Virginia Resolves against the Stamp Act
  3. Residents of this city started a trend by refusing to import goods from England until the Stamp Act was repealed
  4. This act was passed in conjunction with the Stamp Act's repeal to reassert Parliament's right to tax the colonists
  5. This type of tax was considered reasonable by the colonists.
  6. The Stamp Act violated the coloinsts' right to trial by ____
  7. The colonists feared that the Stamp Act established this type of court
  8. Violations of the Stamp Act were to be tried here
  9. In response to the Stamp Act, the colonies formed the first of this type of organization to deal with the crisis
  10. Member of Parliament who defended the colonists against the Stamp Act and became a hero in their eyes
  11. This Prime Minister had stationed troops in North America and the Stamp Act was an attempt to pay for their services
  12. The Stamp Act taxed nearly every item made from this
  13. This future Prime Minister defended the colonists in a speech called "In Defense of the Colonies"
  14. Author of the first united response of the colonists sent to Parliament and King George
  15. A violation of the Stamp Act could get you tried by this court
  16. This policy allowed the colonies to govern themselves independently for 150 years before the Stamp Act
  17. Prime Minister's secretary who drafted the Stamp Act


  1. Author of the most influential pamphlet written against the Stamp Act
  2. The colonists believed this body had no legal right to tax them
  3. The first acts of violence against the Stamp Act occurred in this city
  4. This Prime Minister was responsible for the repeal of the Stamp Act
  5. On the day the Stamp Act began, there were this many stamp distributors left in the colonies
  6. This colonist's speech before Parliament helped persuade them to repeal the Stamp Act
  7. The Stamp Act "stamps" are more equivalent to this type of stamp than to a postage stamp
  8. This war was the instigation for the Stamp Act.
  9. The colonists believed only people whom they had ____ had the authority to tax them
  10. This phrase was used in the debates of the Stamp Act in Parliament and became popularized in America
  11. The Stamp Act was the first of this kind of tax on the Americans.
  12. Phrase: Taxation without ______
  13. Prime Minister responsible for creating the Stamp Act
  14. Parliament argued that the colonists were represented in Parliament in this manner
  15. Number of items specifically taxed in the Stamp Act
  16. The Stamp Act was an attempt to reduce this after the end of the war in 1763.

This crossword puzzle was created by Revolutionary War and Beyond with EclipseCrossword. Try it today—it's free!

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