Thomas Hancock letter - May 21, 1760

This Thomas Hancock letter was written to his London business partners instructing them to take care of his nephew, John Hancock, when he arrives in London on business. John Hancock would later become the President of the Continental Congress, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and be elected nine times as Governor of Massachusetts.

Thomas Hancock letter - May 21, 1760

Gent'n. Boston, May 21,1760.

I have given my Nephew Mr. John Hancock, who has been with me many years in Business an oppor'y of Going to London to see my Friends & Settle my Acc'ts with whom they are open, & he has Taken his Passage in Capt Patten on board the ship Benjamin & Samuel, will Sail in a bout Ten days from this date, by him I shall write you again, & I am to desire you to be so kind as to provide him with good Lodgings where you think will be most convenient for him with Reputable people, he goes with Gov'r Pownall, and on his Return I propose to Take him in a Partner with me in Business. Should he be Taken on his Passage & Carried to France or else where I have given him leave to draw upon you for what money he may want. I desire you will please to pay his Bills & charge the same to my Acc't "I am Gent'n Your most obed't & Humb Serv

Thos Hancock

You will Supply my Nephew Mr. John Hancock what money he may want for expenses in England & answer such Bills as I may Draw upon you from hence.

Messrs Kilby Barnard & Parker
Merchants London

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