Current Events Post - Health Care Debate September 14, 2009

Editor's Note:  This is not a "Current Event" any more.  But the discussion is a good one and the topic is still relevant.

There is a political battle raging in America today. The Health Care Debate is the central issue on the political landscape right now. Why is it drawing such passion from all quarters and political persuasions? How does this debate affect you? Read this editorial from The Minuteman, the former editor of this site, and read the comments of some of our readers at the bottom of the page. You can even add your own thoughts or comments on the Health Care Debate if you want to!

The Healthcare Debate

The current health care debate revolves around one primary issue - what is the proper role for the government to take in people's health care? Here are a few questions that people from different sides of the issue have posed:

  1. Is it right for any American to go without health insurance since America is the wealthiest nation on earth?
  2. Is it right for taxpayers to have to pay for the health care of people who can't afford it?
  3. Are people being selfish if they don't think its right for taxpayers to foot the bill for those who can't afford health care or health insurance?
  4. Should the government completely control health care in order to guarantee care for everyone?
  5. Is the government capable of efficiently running the entire health care system, which is said to be around one sixth of the US economy?
  6. If the government hasn't been able to efficiently run other programs such as Social Security, the Post Office and Medicare, why would it be able to handle our health care?
  7. Isn't it similar to soviet, chinese or cuban socialism to have the government controlling huge portions of the economy like the entire health care system?
  8. Are our representatives in Congress listening to the voice of the American people regarding the health care debate?
  9. What does the Constitution say about the role of the government in the economy?
  10. What would the Founding Fathers say about the proper role of the government in economic and personal matters such as health care?

The Founding Fathers had one main concern, and that concern was that the government should have a limited role in the lives people. The government they chose was to be a servant of the people - not the other way around. In today's America though, many are advocating that the government should have direct control over the health care decisions that affect everyone's lives. They say that it isn't right for some people to go without health care if they cannot afford it, and they believe that everyone else should foot the bill for those who can't pay for it themselves.

Some say that the government has no business whatsoever running any private business, only that it has the right to regulate private business with reasonable laws and restrictions. The Constitution itself gives Congress the right to regulate commerce between states, but does that mean Congress can set up an agency that dictates who gets what kind of medical care when? A big NO!!! You can read the Constitution for yourself here, and decide how much authority the Constitution gives Congress over your personal affairs.

Congress has recently enacted measures extending its control over the banks, auto companies, mortgage companies and now, possibly, insurance companies and hospitals. How can a bureau in Washington DC possibly know what cars a midwestern auto company should manufacture, or what kinds of loans a southern bank should make? Likewise, how would a Washington bureau know whether or not your loved one should have a kidney transplant, a catscan or what kind of medicine you should take? The last thing in the world we need is for Washington to control our health care!

And to the issue of taxation, with sales taxes, income taxes, property taxes and other hidden fees and taxes (like gasoline taxes), Americans may be paying 50% of their income or more to the government! Estimates of the current proposals going through Congress range anywhere from 900 billion dollars to over a trillion dollars! This is an outrage! Where is all that money going to come from? You guessed it - from your paycheck. Everyone will get less money in their weekly paycheck, and watered down, cheap, heartless government controlled "health care" to boot!

Every politician that is elected in the future should adhere to this standard - "I will stand for SMALLER government!," and if they won't stand up for this truly American virtue, they should NEVER be elected! Our Founding Fathers fought a bloody war over this very issue - unjust taxation. Washington politicians do not need ANY MORE money, for ANYTHING, least of all to provide us with some kind of watered down, bureau controlled, pathetic government health care.

The Minuteman

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